The Town of Guddereicht

The Town of Guddereicht

The city was established early, during the Age of Domination as a trading post with the nearby Wood elves and as a forward base for the Emperor, Darioon, to prepare for his assault against Port Brot.

After the invasion against Brot ended in astounding success, much of the strength of Guddereicht moved on, leaving only a remnant of camp followers, a lord with his retinue, and fortune seekers trading with the wood elves.

During the successful years of the unified world under the Sargovian Empire, Guddereicht began to prosper with trade between the dwarves, elves, and humans. Unfortunately, the War for Ascendancy ended all that when a rebel faction burned down a third of the town before the imperial forces could respond to stop them.

During the Age of the Worshiper Wars, elven worshipers of the Nobilis were hunted down, punished, and executed in a brutal series of years. Finally, most of the elven population evacuated the town under the watch of a strong force of wood elven soldiers.

Dwarves still maintain a strong presence in the town alongside the humans. Adopting worship of the shardborn and now truly embracing it with the addition of a new dwarven god, Rustybeard. Rustybeard, Roegar, and Darioon’s worshipers have allied in hopes of rebuilding the town and the local area.

In the final years of the time before the Age of Rebuilding, a brutal heat wave hit. The locals see this as ironic, compared to the current flooding and downpour that currently effects the area.

Government: A number of lords claim domain and feud over the lands around the town. The town was originally developed as a trading post by Darioon, in his age of conquest, as a place to trade with the wood elves. The lord with the greatest claim is the one who can draw a line back to the original families that were given rule of the land by the original Emperor.

Weather: In recent years, the weather has been rainy nearly all the time. The fields are failing and travel is almost impossible off of the main road that is an axis between Port Brot and Hope’s Hold. The rain did not used to be so extreme, at one point, the temperatures were hot and the rain come in short but intense bursts.

Defense: The cities main defense is the muddy ground. The city guard and the army have fallen apart. The gangs that roam the streets are the only defense the city might be able to muster if it fell victim to possible conquest.

Locations of note:
The Angry Ogre Inn This is one of the more boisterous inns still accepting traveler’s in the town. The serving wenches keeping the hooligans in line, mostly through the respect they have earned to force the other gangs into action.

Economy: The people have grown destitute and even the nobles don’t really make money anymore, they just happen to hold on to the wealth that their families have made over the centuries. Traders rarely stop for longer than a night in this mud pit of a town.

Population: 5,000 people call the town home, reluctantly.

Religion: Shardborn Ascendancy is the most common philosophy, but a few new cults of the Luminatus are rumored to have sprung up.

People of note:
Odric Ritter A shardborn ascendant high priest of Guddereicht. High priest hardly receives the prestige that it once did in the town. More often than not, people throw dung and heckled Holy Ritter.
Karl Backer Karl is a fanatic that blames all the current problems in town on the misplaced faith of the traditional people of Guddereicht. He preaches the faith of Luminatus, condemning the deities of darkness.
Luther Shroder leader of the dirk and dagger gang. This gang commands respect from all the other gangs and also, a number of smaller gangs take orders from this man.
Orlando Schwartz This old grizzled sargeant now spends his time deep into bottles of booze. The disbanded Guddereicht guard has left him with no spirit and low morale.


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