Rumors Buried Deep, the Guddereicht News

Rumors Buried Deep

News from the North Road
Bandits are more than just brigands
The raids on convoys to and from Hope’s Hold are apparently becoming more than just a few highway robbers. First words reported that the highwaymen were just a few loose bands of gangs from Guddereicht armed with clubs and makeshift slings and bows. It has become apparent from recent reports that the highwaymen are organized and a reported “bandit king” leads the groups.

Raging barbarians
A village located in the swamps east of South Hope Bridge has reportedly been burned to the ground, with no structure left standing and only a handful of survivors spreading words of humans, wood elves, and orcs fighting together in the destruction of the village.

Local News
To Guddereicht, Come the spoils
A group of famed heroes led by Khyrin Laterbjorn have reached the village nearest Guddereicht on the Brot-Hope’s Hold corridor. Within days, their party and entourage will be arriving. The lords of Guddereicht plan the grandest festivities that the town has soon in many a cycle. Many peasants wander where the money comes from for such lavish festivities. Still others simply enjoy the fact that they will finally get a full meal with meat as well as bread and pasta.

Finally, even the untouched is broken
Beggar’s Corner, the last section of town that had resisted the gang violence has finally succumbed. It is believed that this, once the nicest remaining part of town has become a warzone. If none can unite these small groups or bring peace to them somehow, its likely that the shops, inns, and ancient residences will be lost to the ravages of the constant conflict.

The News from Port Brot
Disease has arrived from St. Sinclair, Trofar, and the UTC. Priests speak of doom or deliverance. Meanwhile, the apothecary and physicians guilds both seek out able individuals to work in studying the disease and preventing its spread inland from the coastal regions. The slums are overrun by dead bodies and many are fleeing inland, thus causing a great deal of problems in containing the sickness.

Foreign Influence Rumors
Agents of Orc Hold have been spotted scheming and dealing, some for mercenaries and others for supplies. The dwarves of the area have been seen harboring some of these agents. People worry about the agenda of these agents. Some are excited by a possible interest in the area by a newly formed major power. Could this stabilize the region.

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