Rumors Buried Deep Volume II

Rumors Buried Deep

News from the North Road
Cut off
With the massive flooding and torrential downpours over the last few weeks, messages and supplies from the North have been completely cut off.  Even the fords and ferries, that once allowed for secondary routes that didn’t include the Brot-Hope’s Hold corridor, have been wiped out.  The situation in Guddereicht might seem bad now, but with no trade traveling through, it will get worse.  Reports are that half of Bogsville has flooded and that the only structures that remain in tact are the floating reed huts that are fairly common to that area.

The Horde expands
The barbarians spoken of in previous reports are expanding South along the west bank of the river separating the swamps from the Elfyn Wood.  Todrick Clifton, a wealthy fisher from the area reported that, “South Hope Bridge has been burned and that some of the horde have even spread into the forest east of the river.”  Local lords grow concerned, but most believe nothing will be done until the farmlands or the larger towns are threatened.

Local News
Dirk and Dagger Gang Ransacked!
A group of unknown avengers has murdered a number of Dirk and Dagger gang members in their sleep, stealing a number of their weapons and turning over the house.  One tiny local girl says, “They didn’t seem like bad people.  They were sweet to me.”  Another said they woke up to the sound of a slaughter, though they did not see the mercenaries that struck.

Khyrin’s entourage
The heroes have entered the town of Guddereicht, currently residing at the Angry Ogre Inn on the southern edge of town.  Rumors have spread that one of the entourage is a mortal demon, some sort of bastard mixture of man and otherworldly being.  The locals are both excited and spooked.

The News from Port Brot
As if the situation in the North did not make things hard enough for those of the Brot floodplain, many merchants have been steering their way around the Port without docking.  With the lack of additional supplies, tinctures, bandages, and other essential needs are not being met.  Keeping the disease in check has become a near impossibility.  Refugees have filled the rain soaked roads heading north into the farmlands.

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