Rumors Buried Deep Volume III

Rumors Buried Deep

News from the North Road

Planar bleed
Scholars, including Neram Nwad, have told Rumors Buried Deep that the rainfall and flooding that have been plaguing the area for so long may actually be caused by a rend in the fabric of the world.  It is quite possible that if this rend is not dealt with soon, that a major disaster far worse than flooding could impact the area.  He has taken a small group of hirelings and scholars north to seek proof of this theory.

The Horde expands
The estates of Lord Ghent Sargov are being threatened by the vanguard of the mixed band of beings.  If his estates fall, it will mean the road East to the Elfyn Wood will be cut.  The estates are the last major defense before the barbarians will be able to spread into the farm lands to the South west.

Local News
Dirk and Dagger, slashed and stabbed
The rising Tidewall Militia struck a death blow to the once powerful Dirk and Dagger gang by also striking a mortal wound to its leader, Luthor.  It remains to be seen what the new leadership of this Militia holds for Guddereicht.  Rumors state that they’ve already subsumed former gangs that the Dirk and Daggers used to compete with.  On a very positive note, Lord Artur von Fuerst has endorsed the militia with a building in Beggar’s Corner and a cache of old weapons.  Rather than taking new recruits from the local gangs, the militia has employed homeless farmers into their ranks.

Khyrin’s entourage, continued
Asmodal, the demon man has scared the pants off of some of the citizens along Hammer’s Way.  Apparently, he was confronted about his origins and allegiances.  A Gribble Numbtoe appeared from the shadows to stick and kick one of the gang members that crowded the street.  Screams filled the thoroughfare and Khyrin and dwarf companion, Bonecrusher Bexton, stepped in to calm the locals.  The heroes welcome has grown cold.  Blacksmith, Cargille, stated, “It’s not the entourage’s fault.  The damned gangs ruin everything.  They are here to help, we need heroes.”  Khyrin apologized as the heroes headed east, out of town toward the ancient Gudder Cemetery.

The News from Port Brot
The Purged, a mercenary band from CraterDeep, sent envoys to the elven council in Port Brot.  It seems that the situation has grown desperate and the brutal band of formerly diseased mercenaries has been hired to spread into the countryside and stop the refugees at all costs.  This is truly one of the few times that the Brot Elven council and the dock lords have pooled their resources.

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