Partyin’ in Old Town

This past weekend, I finally did the thing of bar crawling Old Town Alexandria.  It took me almost two months of living here to make it so.  I’ve just been so buy having a good time and making plans outside the area.

First stop: Bilbo Baggins

I’ve been to hang out with my old Middle Earth buddy before, but this time I had dinner here as well.  I’ve always heard that the food was hit or miss.  Personally, I found my meal and my friend’s meal to be adequate, but for the price, I would have expected it to be a little better.  The staff was as friendly as usual and the beers were absolutely delicious (good old Straffe Hendrick).

Second Stop: The Light Horse

We had a couple Ranger IPAs here and met up with my roommate and her boyfriend.  The dance floor for the band was perhaps the smallest I’ve ever seen.  The people I talked to here were really fun and I had a couple of great conversations.  Also, I got a few comments on my gothy, baggy, strappy, studded pants, all compliments and all from solitary guys (and not the gay variety).  In the end, it was a fun time.

Final Stop: Flying Fish

We arrived here pretty late and only had time for one solid drink.  There was karaoke and crowding galore.  The most entertaining part had to have been that all the last few songs pretty much were metal/industrial songs sung by girls.  I quite enjoyed that aspect of it.  I rocked out a little bit, I’m not ashamed to say it.

The Closer

We finished off the night with some oven made, frozen pizza.  Stabbed that hangover before it could even cry “Et tu Brute.”


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Visit my Facebook Fan Page to connect: While not working as a GeoInt Analyst in the Washington DC metro area, D. Hunter Phillips enjoys a life-long love of sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and a great many other nerdy things that he explores through writing and games. D. Hunter regularly writes board game reviews at Through his writing, D. Hunter hopes to inspire and speculate on the future and the past. He seeks deeper meanings within pulp genres of fantasy and sci-fi. D. Hunter enjoys the tales of John Ringo and Charles Stross. D. Hunter's readings lead him in a never ending cycle of sci-fi, history, physics, and psychology. D. Hunter enjoys going to DC area Goth clubs and seeing some of his favorite bands, such as VNV Nation. He also loves his home life with his partner in crime and several pets.
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