The Weekly Swingaru

I keep meaning to get someone to take a picture of me doing some sort of move to put up here on the blog.  Swing moves are so photogenic, even the people don’t need to be.  Next time,  I must make it happen.

Class Dynamics

This week, it was Kevin Crandell’s time to step in and instruct.  Just like its good to dance with a lot of different people to learn, it is also wonderful to get different opinions and lessons from different instructors.  What really stands out to me is that there isn’t an ideal form, its more what feels good and looks good with your partner and how your skills mish mash.

We had only two leads and all the rest follows, odds on for three to one.  Somehow, I’ve got to say, we actually made it work.  We all got to do a good bit of dancing and we actually dictated a little bit what we got to learn.  Fun!

In fact, I’d almost say that the way the class broke down into small groups worked very well.  Lily worked with two or three girls at a time on instructing them on the proper way to swivel.  Meanwhile Kevin danced and instructed two other girls and myself and the other lead each danced with one person.  We were all sort of doing different activities, but the class felt way more active.

Lessons Learned

Although this move isn’t exactly what we went over or just how we did it, its hitting pretty much the basic concepts and elements that we went over.

The one thing that I really enjoyed about having the girl do Swivels is that it caused me to control my 1 and 2 step, leaning back, instead of just starting to approach my partner on those counts.  Continuing to practice this going forward should only further refine the footwork for me in Lindy Hop as well as make my partner look just totally awesome.

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