Rumors Buried Deep Volume IV

Rumors Buried Deep

News from the North Road

Erratic Weather Continues: Curse from the Gods?
The scholarly caravan has traveled far west enough now that contact has been lost.  The few farmers that work fields west of Guddereicht are reporting severe winds that threaten to combine with the torrential rains to destroy their fields and prevent crops from being successful this season.  Winds such as these have never been experienced in such power and so constantly.

Estates Burning
Scouts have reported that Lord Sargov’s estates north of the east-west road corridor are on fire, sending plumes of smoke high into the sky.  With such massive fires burning, even locals to Guddereicht grow concerned that the only structure that might still stand is the small keep there.  With the fall of these estates, even local crop sources are in grave danger.  The ninety six degrees of death and the synchronized killers have started to discuss alliances and forming up the gangs.

Local News
Tidewall Militia Patrols
The soldiers of the Tidewall Militia have begun daily patrols of all the major thoroughfares of Guddereicht.  Even with their leadership out of town to fight the barbarian horde, the stalwart former farmers and a few former criminals of the gangs have brought a new comfort to the citizens.  More people have been seen outside their homes than in some time.  The Filthy Petticoat has started new renovations and added an outdoor seating area to handle more guests.

Heroic Entourage Missing
Since Khyrin and his excitable bunch of men traveled to the Gudde Cemetery and entered the crypts, none have seen or heard of them.  Not many even knew why they went to the crypts, but rumors of hordes of monstrous beings travel quick on the lips of the citizens of town.  All of the nobles, including Lord Artur von Fuerst have refused to comment on anything that they might know about the situation.  Lord von Fuerst has offered food, a spear, and leather armor to any commoner that will join the Tidewall militia.  Though the offer is enticing, many of the commoners that we spoke to are to scared even for this offer.

Plague Rumors
While The Purged actively prevent the spread of the disease, even going so far as to kill innocent, fleeing people, still other mercenary bands start to coordinate with nobles and councils to determine a course of action.  Orc Hold Dwarves indeed are gathering in more force in encampments on their own side of the river, but with such flooding they may not be able to get involved.  The elves in Elyf Wood gather under the banner of Vanusiil.  The eldest god and god of portals, Vanusiil’s power and his worshipers might find a new place for the refugees to flee to.

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