Rumors Buried Deep Volume V

Rumors Buried Deep

News from the North Road

Western Lights
Soothsayers and stargazers point to odd lights in the western sky as a sign of the impending doom that is coming to the region.  The chief soothsayer, Beltarix believes that a turning point or convergence point will soon fall upon Guddereicht or Boggsville and that it must be properly dealt with.

Sargov Estate Sacked
Many refugees made it back to Guddereicht alive with an escort of the Tidewall Militia.  Anything wooden has been burned to the ground and the partially stone keep now stands in ruin.  Scouts report that what is left of the keep is occupied by Augrock’s horde.  Some of the horde’s commanders, including the mighty orc, Grogack, have been slain and a large portion of the horde’s supplies have been destroyed in the long siege.  Unfortunately, this may only push the horde south into the farmsteads even faster in a desperate search for supplies and loot.

Local News
Food Supply dwindling
Even now, before the horde has swept into the farms in the south, the food at the taverns and in the market is getting short.  Many vendors in the market aren’t even showing up, because they have no product to sell.  With the arrival of a few dozen more refugees from the Sargov Estate and more pouring in from the North, people have started to dive in the sewers seeking fish and plants in the water there for sustenance.

Heroic Entourage Missing
Since Khyrin and his excitable bunch of men traveled to the Gudde Cemetery and entered the crypts, none have seen or heard of them.  Not many even knew why they went to the crypts, but rumors of hordes of monstrous beings travel quick on the lips of the citizens of town.  All of the nobles, including Lord Artur von Fuerst have refused to comment on anything that they might know about the situation.  Lord von Fuerst has offered food, a spear, and leather armor to any commoner that will join the Tidewall militia.  Though the offer is enticing, many of the commoners that we spoke to are to scared even for this offer.

Plague Rumors
Vanusiil’s Brood, the newly formed entourage from the Elyf Wood has formulated their plans and their banners for travel to Greensedge.  Most importantly, their scholars work on plans and rituals to find a solution to the fleeing refugees and the plague that so many of them carry.  The Purged have reportedly piled up bodies of those they have slain, burning them in pits and filling the air with black soot from the burnt flesh.  With the extreme winds in the area of late, this soot has traveled great distances throughout the land.

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