Rumors Buried Deep Volume VI

Rumors Buried Deep

News from Boggsville

Western Light Convergence
Chief soothsayer Belatrix now has grown concerned for the scholars and their convoy that went west.  The western lights have aligned over the Crossed Swords Crossing.  No attempt to communicate with the Lord of Boggsville has turned up success.  A darkness now blots out the sky at twilight in the direction of Boggsville.

Augrock’s horde swells
Like the waters to the west, the horde of cannibals now splits and spreads through out the farm lands.  Raiding parties are burning farmsteads,  and killing raping and recruiting from the farmers and their families.  Finally, the lands loyal to Greensedge have also been affected by the brutal force.  If Greensedge recalls its bannermen, there will be no fighting men to stop the horde from having free reign on the chief lands that supply food to all towns and villages in the area.

Local News
Lord von Fuerst Speaks
After too long in silence, Lord Artur von Fuerst finally came forward to and spoke publicly to the town of Guddereicht.  The Tidewall Militia provided security and support to the house guards.  After the speech, the many gangs of the town have signed on to defend it against the horde and the other oncoming threats.  The town begins to build up defenses in the roads and the better organized gangs have now formed into militias, ready to battle the threats that get ever closer to the outskirts of town.

The Bannermen Arrive
Lord von Fuerst called forth his bannermen and the rural population of his lands to Guddereicht.  Sir Bellsworth and his priest of the warlike god Zupus have arrived with all preparations for battle.  Meanwhile, rumors are that the other three bannermen are on their way with their people and food supplies that they could carry off of their lands before the cannibal barbarians struck.

Late Breaking News

Screams and shouts have been heard coming from the direction of Lord von Fuerst’s estate.  The Backstreet Butcher’s leader, Bob, has gathered some of his militia and prepares to investigate.  No word has arrived from the estate and no one has been spotted leaving the premises.

Plague Rumors
It seems that the Purged Mercenary Band, the hordes of refugees, and Vanusiil’s brood are on a collision course, with the hordes caught in the farmlands between.  If nothing diverts or slows the path of any of these groups, it looks as though the clash of them will center on the poor town of Guddereicht.

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