Drop her like she’s hot

This week I have some real treats for you.  I actually had my instructors record some videos of us doing the moves we were learning in class on Sunday.  Much to my chagrin, when they were recording myself with my partner, Melina, our hands slipped and she went landing smack on her bum!  She was okay, but man, what a time to be recording.  I think we looked pretty cool.

Then there is also the video of a couple of other studentkas trying out the moves.

Finally, one last student was the lucky winner of dancing with Kevin, one of the instructors.  Now you can see how the moves were supposed to look by someone that knows what they are doing.

Watching yourself dancing on video is really helpful, as long as the class stays smaller, I hope we will do more recording of our moves.  I need to stop letting my arm get straight on swing outs!  Holy crap.  When Mel and I started really focusing on weight sharing and not letting our arms get straight, it was amazing how much momentum we could get going.

Also, for all those swing dancers out there that I have been dancing with the last two weeks, I am not contagious!  I went to the doctor today and it turns out I have some really bad allergies and possibly a sinus infection from them being really awful.  I am on meds now and I hope to be in tip top shape by the weekend.  I blame my fatigue from sickness on my hand slipping and also on my crappy dancing at Carlyle Club after class.

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