Thoughts on TV shows, then and now

I’m going to try my best to make this spoiler resistant, but you never know what people could infer from a post.

I’d like to compare my emotional states and audience reactions to two different shows that aren’t both on tv, but that I watched with an audience back to back.

The Walking Dead episode last week was absolutely intense, and needless to say, the focus character of the episode may have become one of my top characters of the show.  Which is a little bit sad as well as awesome.

The other show I’m going to compare Walking Dead to has been off the air since the late 90’s.  Babylon 5.  I know I talked about both of these shows before, but they are really all that I am watching at the moment.

My roommate has never seen either show before and her reaction to Babylon 5 was much more positive than Walking Dead.  I found that interesting, as I have always seen B5 as a show you have to be fully spun up on to get into it.  But, compared to shows like The Walking Dead or Lost, B5 actually has self contained plots within individual episodes.  This definitely makes for easier tv watching, and B5 also succeeded at having an epic over arching story arc and character arcs that didn’t just follow the main story.

I also have another dilemma.  Do I watch Walking Dead finale or Game of Thrones season opener first on Sunday?  Why must they put these difficult choices before me?  Will I be betraying one by watching the other first?  My choice may be made for me as I plan on going to watching Walking Dead in a theater with friends in Vienna, VA.  I’d love to skip the commercials via dvr, but sometimes commercials are great for screaming and reflecting with fellow fans.


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