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Rumors Buried Deep Volume IV

Rumors Buried Deep News from the North Road Erratic Weather Continues: Curse from the Gods? The scholarly caravan has traveled far west enough now that contact has been lost.  The few farmers that work fields west of Guddereicht are reporting … Continue reading

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Deep Space Music Exploration

I haven’t really taken the time to talk about music all that much, at least not on here.  I think its time to change that.  Music is such a huge part of my life.  Not concerts and clubbing even, its … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Fan Film… Recruitment initiated

Do you want to be in a film?  Do you want to be nerdy?  Do you want to try something crazy?! Let me give you some more details. If you join with a local cadre for the Doctor Who Fan … Continue reading

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The Weekly Swingaru

I keep meaning to get someone to take a picture of me doing some sort of move to put up here on the blog.  Swing moves are so photogenic, even the people don’t need to be.  Next time,  I must … Continue reading

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Fading to Consequence

At one point in his life, he sat in the finest upholstered chairs.  Stacks of paper, waiting for his signature, sat high enough to block his view of the door.  The number of analysts and aids at his beck and … Continue reading

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TV or not to TV

TV watching has taken a great big flopping back seat to doing pretty much anything and everything else. NO!  Not that kind of back seat area. No, I’m not busy with work or with any sort of health issue or … Continue reading

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Partyin’ in Old Town

This past weekend, I finally did the thing of bar crawling Old Town Alexandria.  It took me almost two months of living here to make it so.  I’ve just been so buy having a good time and making plans outside … Continue reading

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