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Backpacking Trip Report: Veach Gap

A couple weeks ago, I took a couple of friends on the first backpacking trip of the new season. It did indeed feel like the season intro episode. The pieces were falling into place. We started to talk on the … Continue reading

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Stand by Classic: Steak n’ Shrooms

I recently worked up a dinner of what is becoming a classic for my belly. First off, I know what some steak purists might say, “a true steak eater doesn’t use toppings or sauces.” Well, to those people I say, … Continue reading

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Oblivion: The Movie Review

I got the chance to see Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise) last Sunday evening. I’m giving the movie two dry and withered thumbs up. There were a couple of very nice twists in the movie, but what really brought me into … Continue reading

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Conventions and Selling books

I’ve been setting a goal for myself to start selling my books and other associated items at conventions in the coming years. It didn’t really make sense to set up a booth for just my one novella. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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Rumors Buried Deep Volume IX

Rumors Buried Deep SPECIAL EDITION Lord Lindthurst Crowned Protector of Guddereicht The Tidewall Militia leadership has returned with the true heir to the town of Guddereicht. The ceremony for Lord Lindthurst was both short and lacking of the usual feasting … Continue reading

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DCLX Swing dancing in Dupont

I went to a single DCLX event this last weekend. Swing dancing (or probably dancing of any kind) on concrete is not fun to the feet or the ankles. I’m sure my footwork was a bit off, but I had … Continue reading

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AwesomeConDC Awesomeness

This past Saturday, the 20th of April, I could have been found wandering the hallways of the DC Convention Center. It was time for another Con! Not a work Con, but a fun nerdy Con! The price was a very … Continue reading

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This Week in Swing

My intermediate class was pretty laid back this week. We sort of just reviewed a bunch of materials and talked a little bit about “musicality”. Musicality meaning the flow and rhythm of music and trying to match some dance moves … Continue reading

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Remembering the Trails

As I plan for a long overdue backpacking trip this weekend, I am stuck looking at the maps for Shenandoah and trying to remember all the trails I have already taken. I have sort of a bucket list life goal … Continue reading

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The Frozen Pizza Showdown

Christine, Mary Beth, and myself sat down a couple weeks ago for a frozen pizza showdown! We started the extravaganza with the kid-like comfort food of bagel bites. I sort of assumed that would be like starting from the lowest … Continue reading

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