Rumors Buried Deep Volume VII

Rumors Buried Deep

News from outside the towns

Road washed out
Flooding has gotten so severe west of Guddereicht that the road has been washed away. The swamps have overcome their normal borders and water now seeps through the ground and forms pools and ponds all the way to the southern hills. None in the town, even the oldest, have ever seen flooding quite this severe. Even some of Lord Kirchoff’s estate has seen flooding.

Augrock’s horde prepares
The horde has moved away from the road to Port Brot, leaving it to the diseased and The Purged mercenaries. The Purged are a powerful band that the barbarians might hope to entirely avoid. Lindhurst’s old keep seems to be their base of operations and the marshes north of the road to Greensedge, the camp for the army that will assault Guddereicht. The farmlands have been raided for all of their worths all the way to the border of Greensedge, after the withdrawal of that town’s bannermen.

Local News
Belatrix announces Lord von Fuerst’s death
Chief Soothsayer Belatrix has announced that the Fuerst line has ended with his and his crippled brother’s deaths. Lord Lindhurst now has three days to step forward and claim lordship of the city. With his estate, lands, and keep burned and controlled by Augrock Targon, many believe that Lord Lindhurst is already dead, which would pass the township on to Lord Kirchoff. Kirchoff has already stated his support for the ongoing defense of the town and pledged his royal coffers to any that bring the heads or prisoners of the barbarians.

Ser Bellsworth in command
Ser Bellsworth and his priests of Zupus have taken command of the forces in Guddereicht. Many of the peasants and older townsfolk have complained of the tyrannical way in which the knight has commanded them. They had no idea anyone could be more harsh than the old gang leaders, but some say they have found him. People seem to have grown confident that the town will hold. Roadblocks have been erected at many entrances to the town and several outer structures have been toppled to provide more materials and barriers to the barbarians.

Late Breaking News

Rumors on the street are that Lord Artur von Fuerst and all of his royal line have been murdered! A few citizens, wishing to remain anonymous, report that they saw the leaders of the Tidewall Militia snooping around Lord von Fuerst’s estate. Some discount that the heroic militia leaders could never do such a horrible thing. Still others wonder.

Plague Rumors
Vanusiil’s Brood has apparently run into serious troubles on the roads to their destination to help the diseased and refugees. Some of Augrock Targon’s horde is harrassing the group, apparently seeing them as a threat to their own barbaric, chaotic power in the area. A few refugees have even made it so far as Sir Lothar’s village to the west and to just south of Guddereicht, camping on the edge of town.

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2 Responses to Rumors Buried Deep Volume VII

  1. Vorik says:

    Bad news bears!

  2. Haha, I feel like this is the best news that you guys have gotten so far. Well, except for the fact that you guys are being accused of murdering nobles. 😛

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