Quick TV Note

Really? Really? Really?! That is the finale of Walking Dead? I don’t say that in such a way that I am hoping there are more episodes. That finale was an utter let down in almost every way imaginable. If you watch the show, I don’t think I have any need to explain and I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Let’s just say that the previous episode SHOULD have been the finale. I mean, yes there were a bunch of things left unresolved at the end of that episode, but most of the same things were still unresolved after the “finale”.

To cap off my Sunday (which is my only day for watching tv) TV watching disappointment, Game Of Thrones finally led me to believe that indeed the books might be better than the show when all was said and done.


Why did they have to make Samwell utterly pathetic and inept. Yes, he’s craven, yes, he’s fat, but he did his damn job in the books. He knew stuff, he mapped stuff, he let the ravens fly with all kinds of messages in a smart way so that his cravenness wouldn’t get in the way. So what… he’s the comic relief character now? Hahah, everybody laugh, the fat guy failed again. He can’t do anything right! I know this change might not affect the overall story, but do you really have to make him a total loser?

Battle Skipping
Okay, I realize that the budget might not be… wait a minute… this is HBO right? This is probably their most successful show right now, right? I mean, I know people don’t love CGI, but it does make doing some big battle effects cheaper. Shows have been doing it for years, Lord of the Rings did it. So we get to look forward to them skipping every single battle sequence and just have people talk about them? YAY! There are ways they could do them, even showing a short scene from far away or something.

Barristan Selmy
In the book, when Selmy reveals himself, it is like half way or more through the book. It is epic and a big surprise. In the show, they take a crappy 30 second sequence for him to just out himself randomly and she just accepts him like that, no worries, he couldn’t possibly be a spy or assassin or something sent by the Usurper king to kill you. This just makes me worry as to how they will handle Jorah later.

Sansa getting rescued?
Okay, I know they aren’t doing the Ser Dontis thing at this point. But really? Did they have to reveal that it is going to be Littlefinger already? I mean, in the books, when she gets out to the ship, I was like, WOAH! What? Its Littlefinger? In the show, they just had to spell it all out, right in the first interaction. Random.

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