Swing dancing and forgiving your partner

Class was very productive this week. We reviewed the flying lindy, and I did not drop anyone this time. It wasn’t REALLY a review, since half the class that was there this week had missed the previous week. We did alright though and didn’t take up too much of class.

We went over some Charleston variations. Actually, we didn’t say the name of the one we practiced, but it involved both the lead and the follow turning and kicking and then turning back and kicking together. I enjoyed that and it wasn’t too difficult.

As the class started to wind down, we worked on the pop turn from six count. Mel and I ended up dancing together again for that one after Emily and I worked on that turn for a bit. Right before leaving class, I got the instructors to take a couple of pictures of myself dancing with Mel to show that she forgives and trusts me even after the silly fall she took last week while we were dancing.

All of these are shots from when we were practicing the Pop Turn. I definitely think sticking to video is better for the future.

Swing Dance - Intermediate

Swing Dance – Intermediate

Swing Dance - Intermediate

Swing Dance – Intermediate

Swing Dance - Intermediate

Swing Dance – Intermediate

Swing Dance - Intermediate

Swing Dance – Intermediate


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