Rumors Buried Deep Volume VIII

Rumors Buried Deep

News from outside the towns

Refugees spotted
The plague ridden and refugees, hoping to stay ahead of the spreading disease, have been spotted at the newly created road block on the road south west of Guddereicht. Rumors are that this nomad populace has split between the farm lands to the east while others have started to travel up into the hills near Sir Lothar’s village. A new knight with a strand of refugees following behind has come from the direction of Boggsville and camped on the western edge of town.

Barbarian threat
The concentration of Augrock’s forces and rumors of siege engines under construction points only to the town being assaulted in the next couple of days. Scouts report a cloaked, dark figure that does not fit in with the hordes that is training them to fight as units. New commanders have been appointed to replace those defeated by the Tidewall Militia. Skirmishers are constant, just out of range of the archers at the borders of Guddereicht.

Local News
Sir Reigel returns
Sir Reigel claims that evidence of Lord Lindthurst has been discovered and that he believes he still lives. Sir Reigel’s own injuries are grevious and the Elder Apothecary Foyle sees to his injuries with every waking moment.

Ser Bellsworth in command
Ser Bellsworth and his Zupus priests have butted heads with all the religious authority figures in town. The temple guards are far outnumbered compared to Bellsworth’s now bolstered command of the militia. Rumor is that Sir Grishom and Sir Lothar grow concerned by the possible division and what will happen to the town if and when the battle should be won against the barbarians.

Religions for the newly initiated and the lay man
With all the religious contention, the editor has decided to breakdown the situation for those that don’t have much knowledge of the complexities of the religion upon Enchiridion.

The chief faith in Guddereicht since the Worshipper’s War has been the Shardborn Ascendancy. Those gods that were once mortals, those that know our plight. They have a piece of the dead, one true creator within them. That power in town has been waning.

The Luminatus, led by Karl Backer, have been gaining in strength and with the loss of Lord von Fuerst, they may just gain the nobility’s official endorsement. The Luminatus belief wraps the gods of both the Shardborn and Nobilis pantheons together. It isn’t important where a godly source of power originates, it is about which gods serve the Light and which serve the Darkness.

The problem in town is that Zupus, the god of the current warmaster, Sir Bellsworth is both a Nobilis and considered Dark. This puts the faith of his priests, and the warmaster himself at odds with all the religious authorities in town.

Plague Rumors
Vanusiil’s Brood has mysteriously stopped their western movement and most of them have disappeared to deep within the southern farm lands. Their inevitable clash with the Purged mercenaries seems to have been put on hold. Meanwhile, a scouting party of the Purged has run up against the road block of Guddereicht, with no social interaction. The party quickly retreated after getting a good look at the road block defense.

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