The Frozen Pizza Showdown

Pizza boxes

Frozen Pizza

Christine, Mary Beth, and myself sat down a couple weeks ago for a frozen pizza showdown!

We started the extravaganza with the kid-like comfort food of bagel bites. I sort of assumed that would be like starting from the lowest of the pizzas and working our way up. Well, indeed, after eating the other pizzas, I regretted wasting some of my valuable stomach space on these little bites. Too much bagel and no flavor from the cubes of pepperoni. I am devastated that this struggling teenage favorite has fallen so far. Where have my taste buds gone?

Second, we went for the Amy’s pizza. I’ve grown to love mushrooms and olives over the past year. So, I was actually incredibly excited to try this “fancier” brand of pizza. Well, the dough and crust were actually nice, but I found something from the olives or the mushrooms or combination there of to have a strange aftertaste. The first couple of bites really smacked me in the face with earthy, salty goodness. That faded though and then I just found myself eating it to pass the time. It was still a hell of a lot better than the bagel bites.

Finally, we tried the Newman’s Own pepperoni. Newman showed up, guns blazing. Neither of the other entries could dodge those smokin’ six shooters. There is just something about a frozen pizza that is well seasoned and just has the basics of cheese and pepperoni.

We were left so satisfied by that one that we never got around to the Balducci’s store brand pizza. Christine and I tried the Balducci’s store pizza. The goat cheese was delicious as can be expected. I thought the crust was a little doughy and Christine added cherry tomatoes to spice it up a bit.

In the end, I do believe that we all agreed, the Newman’s Own pepperoni was the best. Paul, you did us right, just like you usually do with your salad dressings.

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