This Week in Swing

My intermediate class was pretty laid back this week. We sort of just reviewed a bunch of materials and talked a little bit about “musicality”. Musicality meaning the flow and rhythm of music and trying to match some dance moves to it. I didn’t pay much attention to that part, to be honest. I’ve been dancing to music and trying to hit the notes with goofy silly single moves for years. That’s pretty much the main thing I do when I go out dancing at goth clubs.

I’ve got a video this week, with my guinea pig being Alexis this time. She showered me with compliments on how I have improved, making me blush immensely. Thanks Alexis!

I got down a couple of moves that are pretty basic but we just haven’t gone over yet. (Including one that they went over the one week I didn’t make it to class) You can see them in the video. The “dude” turn, which I have started using in social dance and it has not confused any girl yet. The other would just be the under arm turn instead of the over arm turn to spin the ladies around the other way. Hannah, on Tuesdays, makes that one look awesome with the flowy skirts she is always wearing.

I also tested myself with a couple of the girls on Tuesday at Carlyle Club to dance six count with just the one hand connection. I’m definitely getting better at using my left hand to actually lead moves, even more subtle things like if I want a girl to do a rock step or to come toward me. Still no master, but there is still plenty of time to face off against Obi Wan in a couple Episodes.

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