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Bounty hunters got me

This past Saturday, the 20th of April, I could have been found wandering the hallways of the DC Convention Center. It was time for another Con! Not a work Con, but a fun nerdy Con!

Warhammer at AwesomeCon

The price was a very reasonable $15 for a one day pass. I’d say that the price point was perfect to entice me to go even though I wasn’t sure about it. After all, if it was bad, it wouldn’t be that much of a loss and I would have gotten to at least peruse the exhibit hall for crap to buy. I did find some gothy costume stuff for very cheap, ran into Tony Tribby of Dead Bat Designs (who make awesome nerdy shirts with original spice to them) and collected my kickstarter reward for supporting his book, and bought some art as well.

World Eater Marine

The panels that I saw included Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and Super Art Fight!

The Zombie Apocalypse panel was fairly entertaining but had its ups and downs. The screen for the projector was far too low. It was pretty much impossible to see anything but the heading on all the slides. This panel was one where you had to sort of set your expectations that it wasn’t REALLY going to tell you anything new, but it was a fun little get together with nerds that like zombies.

The Star Wars vs. Star Trek panel had a great set up as a moderated debate with two teams. There were a few strong moments and entertaining quips, but I was very disappointed that the “experts” never really brought up the expanded universe. Yes, you may have lost some of the audience, but really, you are at a nerd convention and specifically a panel about two specific shows. I bet that 80% of the people there read Star Wars or Star Trek books and know episode names and such by heart. Spice it up a little and make us feel like we are really listening to experts or serious fans. For instance, in the question about which would win in a war, the Federation or the Empire, I would have loved to hear the technical break down of a Star Destroyers armaments. People know this stuff.

Super Art Fight! is always a fun event. I just saw it for the first time at Katsucon and I was so intrigued. I’m really starting to enjoy art and artist sense of humor much more now. The hosts and the set up are great. Also, they score the winner based on audience loudness, but they actually have a decibel reader which makes it SCIENCE! I suggest going to the art fight at any convention, you’ll laugh and see some serious creativity.
Super Art Fight 1

Super Art Fight 2 Final

Super Art Fight 2

The costumes were sparse, but I expected that for a smaller first convention. The guy costumes were much more awesome than any of the girl costumes. Step it up girls! And, of course, there was a large contingent of HomeStuck cosplay. So odd how big that cosplay has become. I wanted to wear my old Captain Harlock costume, but it was too wrinkly.

Home stuck

Overall, I’d say that I will most definitely go if they do this con again next year. Maybe I’ll even have a booth and sell my books too!

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