Rumors Buried Deep Volume IX

Rumors Buried Deep


Lord Lindthurst Crowned Protector of Guddereicht
The Tidewall Militia leadership has returned with the true heir to the town of Guddereicht. The ceremony for Lord Lindthurst was both short and lacking of the usual feasting and partying that a crowning of the town would normally have. In fact, as the Lord started his speech to the townsfolk, the horns of warning blew, giving the folk a sign that the barbarians had been spotted approaching the outskirts of town.

Paper Boys Running Messages
The young paper boys and girls have continued with their due diligence, but it isn’t just newsletters that they carry now. The youthful, quick-legged fellows know the streets and buildings of town better than probably anyone. Newly crowned Lord Lindthurst now receives their messages at his base of operations, the Tidewall Militia barracks.

On the Doorstep
Augrock Targon and his personal entourage have been spotted from the top of a siege tower moved into place to overlook the South Eastern Road battlefield. Though most of the raider forces are focused around that road entrance, Sir Bellsworth believes that the entire horde may march back to a different road entrance. The raiders have stumbled over traps and barricades at the town outskirts in frustrating fashion.

Weather Havoc
The rains have stopped. The air has grown to be quite muggy and the temperature has dramatically increased almost overnight. Clean, healthy water has become a supply issue for the soldiers as they exert themself on the frontlines. The aid station set up by the Shardborn Ascendant and Luminatus priests is overrun with sick and unconscious soldiers.

Plague Rumors
Vanusiil’s Brood and the Purged have crossed swords to the South. The two mercenary groups apparently came to blows over harsh words on the ways that each of the groups plan to deal with the refugees and with the plague itself. Accusations followed the harsh words that each group was infected.

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