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This Week in Swing

My intermediate class was pretty laid back this week. We sort of just reviewed a bunch of materials and talked a little bit about “musicality”. Musicality meaning the flow and rhythm of music and trying to match some dance moves … Continue reading

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Remembering the Trails

As I plan for a long overdue backpacking trip this weekend, I am stuck looking at the maps for Shenandoah and trying to remember all the trails I have already taken. I have sort of a bucket list life goal … Continue reading

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The Frozen Pizza Showdown

Christine, Mary Beth, and myself sat down a couple weeks ago for a frozen pizza showdown! We started the extravaganza with the kid-like comfort food of bagel bites. I sort of assumed that would be like starting from the lowest … Continue reading

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Rumors Buried Deep Volume VIII

Rumors Buried Deep News from outside the towns Refugees spotted The plague ridden and refugees, hoping to stay ahead of the spreading disease, have been spotted at the newly created road block on the road south west of Guddereicht. Rumors … Continue reading

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GenCon 2013

I already feel my blood boiling with excitement for this year’s GenCon! I do wish they would move the dates back to the beginning of August (since DragonCon is literally two weeks later). But, hey, should I really complain about … Continue reading

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LARPing: I have returned

So, after a long hiatus of over 5 years, I have finally shrugged the dust off of the figurative and literal LARPing cloak. Fore those of you that don’t know what LARPing is, it is Live Action Roleplaying. And if … Continue reading

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National Kite Festival

Last Saturday was the National Kite Festival. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The mall was packed. It looked like DC was being attacked by a whole bunch of super tiny UFOs! The next few shots … Continue reading

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