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Adventures in Painting

In the last few months, I have done some serious damage to the remaining Warhammer 40k models that I had not yet painted. I didn’t have too far to go to get to the end of my queue, but it … Continue reading

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Quick TV Note

Really? Really? Really?! That is the finale of Walking Dead? I don’t say that in such a way that I am hoping there are more episodes. That finale was an utter let down in almost every way imaginable. If you … Continue reading

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Swing dancing and forgiving your partner

Class was very productive this week. We reviewed the flying lindy, and I did not drop anyone this time. It wasn’t REALLY a review, since half the class that was there this week had missed the previous week. We did … Continue reading

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Rumors Buried Deep Volume VII

Rumors Buried Deep News from outside the towns Road washed out Flooding has gotten so severe west of Guddereicht that the road has been washed away. The swamps have overcome their normal borders and water now seeps through the ground … Continue reading

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