Gencon 2012 Revisit: Cards vs. Zombies

Last year at GenCon, I witnessed, amongst the many other fun and strange things, people playing a game throughout the entire time of the convention and all over the hallways and streets. It was… Cards vs. Zombies.

Here is the blurb from their website:

“Cards vs. Zombies is a new game we created specifically for Gencon. It’s heavily inspired by Humans vs. Zombies and designed to be played in the middle of a huge convention. Players will work together to survive against the zombie menace using card ammunition (conveniently given out by our booth). Once turned into a zombie, players will prowl the convention looking for fresh meat and new teammates.”

I wish I’d had the opportunity to interview some people that were involved or the booth itself, because it looked like people were having a lot of fun.

Images and details about this are pretty hard to find on the interwebs, which to me, seems kind of surprising based on the number of people that I saw doing it.

It seems like games such as this would be a really great way to meet people, especially if you weren’t good at that first approach of introductions. If I didn’t run around like a mad man from one game to another, I think I’d probably play this game too. Heck, I might even just give it a go and see if it fits into all those little 15-20 minute segments between games and shopping.

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