40k Battle report: Tau vs. Space Wolves

I met up with my good friend Casey’s wife, Ashley for a throw down against an army that I have literally never played against. This was probably my 3rd battle using Tau since the new codex.

I got the setup first and spread my units out quite a bit to get the benefits of overwatch if any of my units were assaulted. A hammerhead flanking on each side gave me a good deal of firepower to defend both sides.

April 2013 001

I got the first turn and managed to annihilate a complete squad of long fangs and blow away the dreadnought. I was feeling pretty confident about my position at this point.

The wolves moved up cavalry and wolves on both flanks and I prepared for a huge volley of fire with my Cadre Fireblade.

April 2013 002

The drop pods dumping marines out right in the middle of my lines was a little unnerving.

April 2013 003

While my stealth suits with the stimulant injectors jumped into the ruins to secure the solitary objective, I focus fired my army on all the enemy units that had penetrated my lines in the first two turns. It was a close call, with my fire being just barely enough to take out the squads.

April 2013 004

At this point, I inadvertently cheated as I outflanked with my kroots and used sniper rounds as if they were rapid fire weapons to take out her HQ cavalry. (whoops) Though I do think the different wouldn’t have been that much because of what my dice actually rolled.

April 2013 005

April 2013 006

My lines of guns remained pretty well in tact and her focus fire on my kroots really gave me that extra turn to breath easy and have all my guys to fire with. She did manage to assault some of my marker drones as well, and even though every single unit I had was within six inches, I only killed one of her marines.

April 2013 007

The cavalry on the right flank took out my firewarriors there, and then they took out my hammerhead on that side, and they were preparing to move on my other units. That squad is frighteningly good.

April 2013 008

What I learned:
Kroot suck at close combat and also their sniper rounds are heavy and not rapid fire (Whoops I cheated, sorry).

The Cadre Fireblade is an incredibly powerful HQ choice, especially for the 60 point cost. Attaching him to a full strength firewarrior squad with gun drones is pretty darned powerful amount of shots.

Hammerheads with submunitions are not as good against Space Marines as I would have expected.

Stealth battlesuits have a lot of firepower, but they are darned expensive for what they give you.

Stimulant Injectors seem nice but for 15 points, they are really too expensive.

Marker drone squads are pretty weak, but you need to get markerlights in some way.

Broadsides with missile drones are pretty powerful, especially with target locks on each broadside.

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