Evening Star Cafe: Brunch barbarism

I went to brunch here with Mary Beth on Saturday around 11:30am and beat the brunch rush somehow. The staff is so nice and we didn’t fall into the pit that is an inattentive staff when things are slow. As in, they were still on top of everything, but not overly so.

The bloody mary here is excellent, I mean, heck, it even comes with a section of grilled cheese sandwich and bacon to dip in your drink! The spice of it was totally on point. I got them to bring out some extra hot sauce (which they make in house), and I didn’t even need much of it. The bloody mary had bits of horseradish in it, which is a sign to me of a well made, fancy bloody mary.

Mary Beth got the Chicken and Waffles (which she had never had before). I’d tasted the chicken and waffles here before and so I didn’t tell her to shy away. The chicken is really delicious and boneless, so it is quite easy to eat with the waffles. It really comes stacked high with goodness (including several pieces of BACON!). The chicken is dark meat, but it isn’t overly greasy. In fact, I would not have even guessed that some of it was dark meat, except for the great flavor.

I got the Huevos Rancheros, kind of a crunchy tortilla topped with sunny side up eggs and veggies and beans. I enjoyed it. The crunch of the tortilla went really well, especially when the egginess ran off onto it. I did miss the fact that there wasn’t any meat. I think it would have really benefited from some bacon bits or diced sausage.

In the end, I think the Duck Confit Hash is the best thing on the menu that I have had thus far.

This place is awesome, GO THERE! And while in Del Ray, check out the quirky shops and antique stores.


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