Painting Adventures!

There is a group of boyz mobbin’ up on my bed! My latest painting extravaganza is just a normal group of slugga boyz from the Black Reach set. Yep, I waited a long time to finally get to painting these bad boys.

April 2013 010

This is the first time I have really delved into painting since asking for a bunch of advice from my expert painting friends and watching a metric crap ton of painting tutorial videos on youtube.

I didn’t dry brush them in the end as is my usual craft. I thought it was more or less a requirement, but now I am seeing how what I was doing was just a poor man’s highlight.

I’ve now actually taken to layering my paints and highlighting using varying shades of the paints that I did as the base coats.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of each stage in the painting process (darn it!). I started with a base coat of what each area would be in the end. Then I dove into using a shade, in this case Seraphim Sepia by Games Workshop. Then I started with mixing Waaggh! Flesh with a little white. I switched that out for grey after the first batch of four. It looked a lot better, but after the fact, I realized that I should have gone with mixing in yellow to make it a lighter green instead of a grey green.

I did these boys up as Evil Sunz orkz so I did yellow pants and reddish orange tops. The pants worked really well with the black primer. The lower sections of pant are almost blackish yellow and then the knees and up on top are pure yellow. The shirts are red in the recesses going up to a nice orangish red. I did about 3 highlight layers on each area of skin.

April 2013 011

April 2013 012

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