Movie Review: Iron Man Three

I saw Iron Man Three during the week last week in an almost empty theater. I find it shocking as to how much money these movies are taking in, and yet, every time I go to the theater to see them, it is empty.

That’s not for me to figure out, but I think that some of these movies are probably making so much more money because the 3d showing ticket prices are so skewed. I continue to be unimpressed by 3d films, maybe Avatar was worth it, but none since then. I only have been going to 3d showings because the times were more convenient (I smell conspiracy, pee-you).

Enough ranting on 3d movies.

Iron Man Three was an entertaining film, and maybe the best new film I’ve seen in a while.

The effects were amazing, of course. I really love the simple stuff that shows just how high tech and advanced Tony Stark’s stuff is. Just his holographic displays make me really get into the character (and those are not extremely flashy action effects).

Favreau really does a good job with making the movie have serious moments and still lots of light heartedness. After all, it is a comic book movie. This is sort of the counterpoint to the new Batman movies to me. Batman takes itself really seriously, which is a fresh play on super hero movies and probably couldn’t work with many others. The Iron Man series has less goof than Spiderman, but still enough for that comic feel.

Tony Stark was a lot more identifiable in this movie from a normal human being perspective. I was worried, earlier in the movie, that RDJ would not have the witty dialogue and banter that we have grown accustomed to, but the balance between a normal person with problems and the witty rich guy bounced back and forth really well.

I recommend seeing this movie in theaters, but skip the 3d version, it was only interesting in probably two short sequences.


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