Austin Grill: Alexandria… TexMex?

I went out to a Sunday evening dinner to shake off a head ache and spend some time with the roomie. She was hankering for some Mexican food and I couldn’t remember the other place somebody told me about and she likes Austin Grill.

So, there we are.

We sit down at a table promptly and get chips and salsa just about right away. We waited and waited. We watched a girl come in and be seated. We watched her get her drink order. I tagged the guy that brought our chips that no waiter had showed up. We watched the lady that sat after us get her food. Our server showed up with no apologies. He got us waters and we waited for our margaritas. The margaritas were good but he failed to try to explain how much more the “large” margarita was than the standard one (from $8 to $15). Our guacamole arrived and it seemed rather large for the “small” size we’d asked for. We thought maybe he was just giving us a little something extra since we’d sat for so damn long.

The food was actually pretty good. The beans and rice were as bland as they are when I go to any Mexican restaurant. I still have yet to find them good outside my own kitchen. I got the Al Carbon Tacos and they were totally yum with very tender meat. My roommate got fish tacos, which she liked (but I didn’t want them because they had mayo on them for some strange reason).

We were a little surprised when we got the bill and saw how much the up charge for the margarita was (which he was sort of pressuring us into ordering) and that we had been charged for the large guacamole.

I’d go back, especially with no other walkable Mexican options near Old Town Alexandria that I know of. I would just hope to get a different server.

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3 Responses to Austin Grill: Alexandria… TexMex?

  1. BertaBitch says:

    I would have risen hell!

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