Book Review: Rogue Spartan by Matt James

A tale of a nerdy hacker that gets the guts and support to try and save the world.

I can identify with a nerdy computer whiz that also seems to have a natural ability to make friends and get into trouble. Felix is a fun little character in the book that I really enjoyed and that pulled my gothier rebel against society side in.

The end did have a couple of nice little surprises that I hadn’t predicted.

I would have liked to see the plot not progress quite as quickly, or would have liked to hear more about Ben, the main character, and his past.

There were a few moments that got confusing by having the wrong character name. There were a few words that were not misspelled but were the wrong words. So, I’d say, the book could have used some more editing, but it wasn’t enough to lose the message. Its common for self published works to have these sorts of issues. (I’ve conversed with the author, and he has expressed interest in fixing the couple of errors I found. Quick turn around there. Awesome.)

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Visit my Facebook Fan Page to connect: While not working as a GeoInt Analyst in the Washington DC metro area, D. Hunter Phillips enjoys a life-long love of sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and a great many other nerdy things that he explores through writing and games. D. Hunter regularly writes board game reviews at Through his writing, D. Hunter hopes to inspire and speculate on the future and the past. He seeks deeper meanings within pulp genres of fantasy and sci-fi. D. Hunter enjoys the tales of John Ringo and Charles Stross. D. Hunter's readings lead him in a never ending cycle of sci-fi, history, physics, and psychology. D. Hunter enjoys going to DC area Goth clubs and seeing some of his favorite bands, such as VNV Nation. He also loves his home life with his partner in crime and several pets.
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