Movie Review: Star Trek, Into Darkness

Again, let me just say in a concise statement, the 3d elements of the movie were not noteworthy, as usual. Its just a way to make people pay more to see a movie.

When I first walked out of the theater, I was pretty darn happy. The movie entertained me and I smiled and had a grand cheer like it was Christmas, or post Christmas present playing time.

As I drove home though, things really started to tick in my head about the movie. The beginning of the movie was quite exciting, and may have actually been one of my favorite parts of the movie. It was fun and visually stunning. We got a quick reintroduction of the characters and their attitudes and traits.

Even the bits after the first segment were great, but I just felt the movie’s excitement and mystery unraveling quickly. Benedict Cumberbatch had a great performance, Chris Pine continues to annoy me, and Spock was Spock. The plot twists got kind of predictable to the point that it made me feel like the characters in the movie should have seen the things coming.

My biggest gripe about the movie is that there isn’t really any advancement of the characters or an overall story to speak of. I think it would have been pretty exciting if the movie ended with a war starting (I’ll say no more to prevent spoilers). The ending was a nice little shout out to Star Trek fans and I guess a way to pull them away from all the politics of the first two movies.

Maybe the main problem with this movie is that it was a sequel to a movie that really stood apart from a lot of movies, not just in sci-fi but even in general. I have watched the first one a number of times and I always get these feelings of butterflies in my stomach from the epicness.

I’d say that its worth a watch, but I’d probably rather just watch it for free some time. It is a movie with lots of good effects, so still could be fun to watch in the theater, but don’t expect to be blown away.

Fan service anyone? Or should I say not Star Trek fan draw segment anyone?

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