Reflections on running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by FFG

Roleplaying in my standard gaming group has been very experimental for a few months or maybe even a year now. Some of this is probably a push from me (who usually runs the games) to do something new and different. We’ve been RPing together for so long that it just seems like its time to really branch out and find some new thing that we haven’t experienced at least twice before.

One of those attempts to find something new was a recently concluded game of the newest edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by Fantasy Flight Games.

The campaign was an astounding success. Some of that can be attributed to the system. The careers really add good flavor to the game. Everyone was very into their characters and had some great development with very little work.

The dice really added a good storytelling element to the battles.

Picking actions and figuring out what to roll seemed pretty easy, as all the players picked that aspect up pretty quickly.

The wound cards are a great way to dish out cool effects for crits and an easy way to see how much different players are hurt just from looking around the table.

The Stress and Fatigue tracks were a really nice addition, especially when it came to non-combat situations having a lasting impact in such a way as damage would.

The monster cards and ability cards for monsters made it super easy to run encounters and come up with encounters on the fly. This is another one of the best elements that this game added.

The dice can be a little confusing and difficult to get used to at first.

The way cards with abilities get recharge tokens takes away some of the utility of having action cards. I was hoping that the cards could just be in a deck or be held in someone’s hand, but with the tokens, you must put them on the table. This makes the table very cluttered and kind of defeats the point of that mechanic in my opinion.

The different stats, careers, and builds seemed very imbalanced in the end. The most powerful characters, by far, were high toughness dwarves with shields and decent armor. I could almost never more than scratch them with a single wound on an attack. Any attack that would hurt them more would just about kill other characters in one hit. The faith based magic seemed pretty weak. No one used arcane magic, so I can’t say how that compares. But, wearing armor as an Arcane caster is very detrimental, so I couldn’t see that being viable to survival.

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