Cooking with what you got

A couple weeks ago, I was thinking that I needed to go grocery shopping, yet I still had a bunch of food sitting around getting old. So, I pulled out all the food that was getting old and started to try to put a meal together. Brussel sprouts, bacon, onion, goat cheese stuffed pasta.

I looked up a recipe for butter browned brussel sprouts and made sure to cook them for 5-7 minutes so they didn’t get the “gas” problem that cabbage type veggies can get.

I fried up the bacon and onions and some garlic and pulled some aside to mix with the sprouts. The rest that I had I used to make a sauce for my pasta. I made a brown butter sherry cream sauce, very lightly, to mix the pasta in. The sauce should have been thinner, but I’ve so often had the problem of thin sauce that I over compensated.

Of course, I had to shred some romano cheese on top of it all. Can’t go without the cheese!

browned brussel and pasta

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1 Response to Cooking with what you got

  1. Mary Beth Kline says:

    How classy are you talking about the gassiness? Love your writing!

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