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Austin Grill: Alexandria… TexMex?

I went out to a Sunday evening dinner to shake off a head ache and spend some time with the roomie. She was hankering for some Mexican food and I couldn’t remember the other place somebody told me about and … Continue reading

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What’s a Memory Worth?

Blood leaks from the numerous fresh holes in my side, a breathless gasp my only relief. I roll to behind the thick piece of concrete that used to be the second story ceiling of an office building. I should know … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Iron Man Three

I saw Iron Man Three during the week last week in an almost empty theater. I find it shocking as to how much money these movies are taking in, and yet, every time I go to the theater to see … Continue reading

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Spring Food!

Why is corn on the cob one of the greatest gifts to taste buds everywhere? And so easy to prepare… just boil for 5-7 minutes. Umm… Yum! My side with work into it was the meddle of roasted vegetables. I … Continue reading

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Card Based RPG mechanics

Why a card based action system? The purpose of exploring the route of a card based rpg (rather than just one with character sheets and dice) is to allow for more simultaneous actions.  Rather than having players ask for clarifications … Continue reading

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Goth Clubbing Goodness

After months of absence, I finally decided to go grace the goth clubs of DC with my presence. As usual, it was a good time, and in fact, I met some really nice new people. I also reconnected with people … Continue reading

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Hiking: Manassas battlefield

The start of the hike, next to the visitor center. This statue of Stonewall Jackson looked like he was crafted to be in Fist of the North Star. It really gave me a chuckle. Me blowing this cannon off toward … Continue reading

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