40k Battle Report: Orks vs. Dark Angels and Imperial Guard

My most recent match of 40k was a 1500 point romp between my orks against a combined force of Dark Angels and Imperial Guard.

My force consisted of some shoota trukk boys, two mobs of full strength ‘ard boys, a small group of tankbusta boyz, and my big ole’ awesome new standard unit, the Battlewagon with a Warboss with a 10 man nob squad with a pain boy, cybork bodies, and all shoota/skorchas.

The enemy force consisted of no vehicles, so my tank bustaz were actually pretty useless. The imperial guard force was a guant’s ghosts inspired unit of just sneaky veterans and deep strike Stormtroopers. The Dark Angels were made up of a bunch of bikes, devastators, tactical marines, and veteran marines.

We had to objectives, one at the bottom left of the first image and the other is the bunker at the top right of the image. Orks got to go first.

Turn 1:
The Orks don’t defend! Both groups of ‘ard boys, the trukk, the battle wagon, and the tank busta boys all slogged their way forward. Shooting resulted in the Orks firing their guns harmlessly into the air.
The Imperium forces moved forward most of the Dark Angel force to go after the enemy objective. Fire widdled away a few ‘Ard Boys. The bikes assaulted the left flank ‘Ard Boys and did fairly well, not taking a single casualty.
Turn 2:
The left flank didn’t see many changes with the only Orks in range engaged in melee with the bikes, until the bikes hit and run of course! The right flank became quite dangerous for the Imperium as the Nob squad of destruction moved out of the transport and assaulted the veteran space marines and a veteran imperial guard squad. The Dark Angels began to assault all the Ork units with all the strength they could muster after allowing their imperial guard allies to take some pot shots. The Storm Troopers drop in and obliterate the Tank Bustaz.


Turn 3:
The Warboss and his nobs now turn their attention to a much further target, the beleaguered left flank. The Ard Boys actually fair pretty well against the space marine commander and the squad he was attached to. It ends up being about 15-20 boyz against just the commander.

Turn 4:
The two boyz squads assault the bunker with the nobs having the only shot at harming the guys inside, and doing some damage. The Warboss’s squad wipes out one of the imp guard veteran squads and the lord commissar has his head removed by the Warboss! We called the game at this point with their Warlord gone and me getting first blood.


Lessons learned:
The epic nob squad keeps owning, as long as it doesn’t have to foot slog early and the Battlewagon is used to block line of sight after winning in assaults.
Even doing a disorganized charge with orks is great, keep them engaged so that they can’t be shot at.
Assaulting orks is better than being assaulted by orks, especially for the bikes (that then need 6’s to wound with just Strength 3).
Troop choices are king, nothing else much matters if you can’t control any objectives. I wish that some other units were also scoring units all the time. Like, why shouldn’t storm troopers be able to control objectives? Its just goofy.

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