40k Battle Report: Orks vs. Space Wolves

I’ve been having so much luck with rolling to see who goes first. I’m so spoiled.

This was an 1850 point battle with my Orks against Ashley’s Space Wolf army.

Ork army highlights:
Warboss with full nob squad, pain boy, cyborks, with shoota/skorchas in a Battlewagon (get used to it)
30 boyz
30 gretchin
10 gretchin joined with a Mekboy with shokk attack gun sitting on an objective
1 Deff dread
3 Meganobz
2 Killa kanz
9 Stormboyz
15 Kommandos
15 boyz
5 tank bustaz
3 Deffkoptas in reserve(outflank)

Space wolf army highlights:
2 Long fang squads
3 Drop pods with Grey hunters and a rune priest
2 units of cavalry
1 unit of wolves
1 more grey hunter group at the rear objective
1 Dreadnought

Turn 1:
My kommandos and stormboyz bounded forward into the tough ruin cover in the middle of the table. As usual, all other units generally advanced, except the shokk attack gun.
(See one of my new squads that I painted recently below, yay!)
Space wolves plopped down two drop pods. The rune priest promptly blasted away some of my boyz and 1 mega nob. Also, the wolves engaged my 30 gretchin and wiped the whole squad. More fire poured into my kommandos and stormboyz.
(I can’t recall who got first blood, I think I did, but now that I think about it, it must have been the gretchin)


Turn 2:
Time to get stuck in! The Battlewagon rolled forward and disgorged the nob squad to engage one grey hunter unit. My boyz (that had been decimated by fire) charged forth to engage the rune priest and his squad. My deff koptas came on the board not on the side I would have hoped (but did support against the rune priest unit). My storm boyz got wiped out and my kommandos tore through one long fang squad. The left flank was looking pretty sorry against the horde of Space Wolf cavalry coming in to clash with my units.


Turn 3:
By the end of Turn three, the right flank completely belonged to the orks (as well as both objectives there). The left side of the board was inundated in close combats, most of which were stalemates slowly going in the favor of the Space Wolves. The Nob squad marched that way to join in the battle.


At this point, the battle was pretty much a done deal. My commander was safe from enemies, I held most of the objectives and the enemy warlord was dead. It was still close in the victory points, but the orks controlled the battlefield and won by a single point.

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