Writing multiple POV characters for a book

I know, I haven’t posted on my blog much lately. I’ve been busy with putting my thoughts and writing abilities toward working on my next novel. I am very excited about it and I have finally found some new inspiration and new juice.

I am writing out character flashback segments that will help to flesh out some of the secondary characters and make them into more major/main characters. This is what I have been wanting all along. I really wanted to have about 4 major characters that I can use for POV, but for the most part, until now, it has been really just one or two. After writing for one character so much, it was a real challenge to try to think about where other characters were and what they were doing while the main character was doing his/her business.

I have definitely learned from this experience that writing for just one character is a hell of a lot easier than 3, 4, or more. It gives me a new found respect for writers like GRRM.

I was talking with another one of my writer friends at brunch a few weeks ago and we got on the subject of picking up a book project after leaving it for a while. That is the conversation that drove home, for me, the best way to be able to do that. I have a character dossier for each of the characters that makes more than just one appearance with a break down of anything that happens to them in the book, any time I use a descriptive word for them, and any possessions they have. This has helped me immensely in keeping all of the details straight. All my future book projects will be a little bit slower going in the writing, but much better organized.

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Visit my Facebook Fan Page to connect: http://www.facebook.com/DavidHunterPhillips While not working as a GeoInt Analyst in the Washington DC metro area, D. Hunter Phillips enjoys a life-long love of sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and a great many other nerdy things that he explores through writing and games. D. Hunter regularly writes board game reviews at BoardGaming.com. Through his writing, D. Hunter hopes to inspire and speculate on the future and the past. He seeks deeper meanings within pulp genres of fantasy and sci-fi. D. Hunter enjoys the tales of John Ringo and Charles Stross. D. Hunter's readings lead him in a never ending cycle of sci-fi, history, physics, and psychology. D. Hunter enjoys going to DC area Goth clubs and seeing some of his favorite bands, such as VNV Nation. He also loves his home life with his partner in crime and several pets.
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2 Responses to Writing multiple POV characters for a book

  1. Mary Kline says:

    Aaaahhhh. That’s a good way to do it. I like it. So smart.

  2. tinihoward says:

    I’m also writing POV chapters in Chamber Sounds, one of my novels! It is hard, but it keeps me from getting bored with the voice. 😀

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