GenCon 2013 Reflections Part 1

I learned a lot of valuable lessons about going to cons this Gencon.

1. Always have back up plans.

I should have learned this lesson after a previous Dragoncon, where my flight was cancelled due to a hurricane and I had to hurriedly find a ride to the convention instead. Gencon had a similar problem this year, where my previous ride had another obligation come up at the last minute (Sunday before Gencon). I had to scramble to find someone else that was going to drive or buy a one way flight to then ride back with my friend. So, after these experiences, it is best to have knowledge of other possible plans, just in case your current travel plan falls apart.

2. Tournaments take a LOT of time.

I played in the Star Wars LCG tournament, which was a lot of fun, but it took up an entire day of the convention. This is something to take into account when choosing events to purchase when events open up.

3. Food trucks rule.

The food trucks have been, perhaps, the single best addition to the convention. It makes getting food really easy, and the food is a LOT better than the food at the convention center.

I’ll be posting some more about Gencon in the coming weeks. This Gencon had almost fifty thousand attendees. I am very impressed with how the crowds have been kept under control and that the staff has really kept things in order. After going to so many other conventions, I am genuinely very impressed.

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