Evangel… no, Pacific Rim

Look, I love giant robots. I also tend to really love Ron Pearlman, especially when he does little bit parts. So when I saw the screenshots and previews for Pacific Rim, I knew I just had to see it in theaters before my time ran out to see robots in a truly GIANT way.

The costumes looked freaking awesome, and I can’t wait to see them at a convention (tis going to happen). The battle effects were much better than the nearest equivalent (the Transformers movies). I’d love to see a sequel to Pacific Rim, where I still haven’t even seen the third Transformers movie.

I really wanted this movie to be more like Mobile Suit Gundam, but it is, in truth, more of a Neon Genesis Evangelion. It feels like an Americanized Japanese movie. It brought back some pleasant memories of watching anime and getting introduced to characters for a long running anime. Its too bad it couldn’t have been a tv show, I think it would have actually worked better that way.

I wouldn’t rush to see this movie now that you can’t see it on the big screen, but it is worth seeing when you get around to it. You may even want to watch it a second or third time. This one seems like a movie I could enjoy just playing in the background while painting miniatures or something. No, that’s not supposed to be an insult!

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