Gravity will make you wish you always have its namesake

I heard a few people say that Gravity was a really amazing movie. I knew nothing about it, I hadn’t even seen a preview. I had seen one or two 5-10 second teasers, and that was it.

So, when I took a date to go see the movie, I didn’t have much to tell her except “it has George Clooney in it, and it is in space.” Fortunately for both of us, she bit on that.

First off, this movie is totally worth seeing in 3d! Its actually the first movie I’ve seen in 3d that I thought was a worthwhile experience (I didn’t get to see Avatar in 3d). I did worry for the first few minutes that it felt like it was just going to be a bunch of action sequences that felt a lot like one of those 3d rides at Disney World.

Second, the performances by both George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were executed to perfection. I had confidence in George, but I really wasn’t sure what to think about Sandra. In fact, with the way the movie was executed, if either one had a weak performance, the movie would have been a total flop.

Third, the movie was so intense, I found my throat clenched and dry in worry for the characters lives. I haven’t felt that much worry and I haven’t sat that far on the edge of my seat for… well probably ever. I practically fell off the seat and flopped onto the floor at least twice.

Finally, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! There is no way around Gravity being one of the best movies of the year.

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