GenCon Reflections 2013 Part 2

The problems for me of having GenCon moved two weeks later continues to plague me. My goal was to write about the convention a lot in the weeks after the Con, so it would be fresh in my memory. DragonCon happens to be 2 weeks later and I needed to finish my costume for it. So, writing about GenCon immediately after became a total flop.

Having those two conventions so close together does provide some interesting perspectives. The one thing that I find interesting that is always lacking from GenCon are a lot of costumes. The truly epic costumes are not usually there, and the numbers are a lot less. I guess, when we want to get our game on, we don’t want pesky props getting in the way of our fun.

Most interesting new game that I played at the convention

I’d never heard of the first Space Cadets game, but I was super stoked to hear about the idea of Space Cadets: Dice Duel. I was fortunate enough to be in line for the dealer room on the press side, Thursday, with one of the designers of the game. It just so happened that he had a copy with him. I started asking him all kinds of questions about it, and due to the short playing time, I convinced him to teach myself and a couple others in line, how to play. He was not hard to convince, you could see the passion for the game written all over his face.

I’d never heard of a real time dice game before, but it was one hell of a ride. My friend’s that have played my newly purchased, autographed copy have had mixed feelings. Some of them love the crazy pace and the excitement, while a few others were actually a little stressed out by the game and found it too frantic.

Still, it is so unique, it is definitely worth checking out if you want something new and unusual.

PS: The dice are also really freaking cool.

Noteworthy Events and Places
Keep your eyes open for flyers for dance parties that are specifically organized while GenCon is going on. My buddy and I went to a party on our last night there, and we had one hell of a time. If you want to get your groove on with a bunch of friendly nerds of both genders and of a middle age bracket, I bet you’ll find them at one of these spots. Thanks to those of you involved with making those events happen! They are a welcome addition, especially in the absence of the White Wolf sponsored Succubus Club night.

Calling all nerds
Anyone that attends GenCon and would like to share with me the events that they love, please tell me more. I am always on the lookout for new experiences that I haven’t latched on to before. Especially because I do have an idea for a book about GenCon in the works. We’ll see if that one actually happens. (since I already have two other books that need editors)

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