Gencon 2013 Reflections Part III

This year was the first year that I actually managed to sign up for events before they were all sold out. I think I’ve said this on here before, but don’t bother to try to use generic tickets. Most of the time, games will be full, especially Fantasy Flight Games official events.

One of the random events that I signed up for was a game that I’ve been intrigued to try for some time, especially since it got a revamp.

I was fortunate enough to get to play the game and have it taught and run by one of the designers of the game. (Sorry I didn’t get your name to give you proper credit for your good game teaching skills!)

So without further ado, I dove in to Thunderstone Advance.

Playing Thunderstone felt a lot like playing an old school D&D dungeon delve campaign or Diablo. I played it one on one and the other guy and I both caught on very quickly. This one definitely has the case of “deck building” familiarity. After playing other games of that type, it is very easy to transition over to this one. Fighting the enemies did have a somewhat familiar feeling to the Resident Evil deck building game. I liked this one more than RE though, enjoying the fact that you could see what was coming up and had a couple choices of monsters to fight based on the amount of light you had to explore the dungeon.

If you haven’t picked up any deck building games yet, I’d say this one is worth the time to try out and buy. I’m not sure if I will add it to my collection as I already have other deck building games and I’m not sure if it really fulfills any further itch, unless you really love Diablo or old school dungeon delving.


My Deck building game woes mostly build up around the fact that I’m not the hugest fan of fantasy games. Why can’t there be an awesome sci-fi deck building game? I guess there was Eminent Domain. That one was kind of neat, but it seems to have just made a brief splash last year, and that was it.

Until next time, intrigued gamers and con-goers.

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Visit my Facebook Fan Page to connect: While not working as a GeoInt Analyst in the Washington DC metro area, D. Hunter Phillips enjoys a life-long love of sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and a great many other nerdy things that he explores through writing and games. D. Hunter regularly writes board game reviews at Through his writing, D. Hunter hopes to inspire and speculate on the future and the past. He seeks deeper meanings within pulp genres of fantasy and sci-fi. D. Hunter enjoys the tales of John Ringo and Charles Stross. D. Hunter's readings lead him in a never ending cycle of sci-fi, history, physics, and psychology. D. Hunter enjoys going to DC area Goth clubs and seeing some of his favorite bands, such as VNV Nation. He also loves his home life with his partner in crime and several pets.
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