LOTR LCG: Making somebody a deck to love

I was surprised that even with the expanding card pool and the non-Star Wars LCG deck building nature of the game, when I managed to make a deck in about 10 minutes for someone that was pretty good and that they really loved.

Want to try to get friends into LOTR LCG? (Lord of the Rings, the Living Card Game) Perhaps, there are just a few questions that you need to ask someone in order to make that dream a reality.

Is there an iconic Lord of the Rings hero that you would like to play?

My friend replied with Samwise.

I quickly threw together all the heroes from the new Black Riders set.

Would you like to be a combat focus or support focus?

This just helped me choose some allies and a few events a little bit differently.

What kind of skill level of cards do you want to try and how thematic do you want the deck?

My friend wanted to stay very hobbit themed, so I threw in tons of hobbit oriented cards, even some that didn’t specify hobbit, but they just happened to sound very hobbit-like (I’m looking at you Second Breakfast).

Picking a quest that is complimentary to the deck you built them and playing on Easy Mode are also good ways to make sure someone falls in love with the game. Don’t even bother telling them that you are playing easy mode. Just go with it.

I have been amazed in recent months as to just how accessible this game is, especially to players of Magic the Gathering. The love of Lord of the Rings, the cooperative nature of the game, the amazing flavor that the player cards have, and the thematic quests really make this game something unique. I can’t help but marvel at it over and over.

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