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Working with Decals: 40k Edition

So, I’ve finally gathered the courage into diving into using Decals. My space marines have been waiting for decals before getting their final sealant coating for quite some time. Before proceeding with using my brand new airbrush, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Drinking, Fighting, and Reminiscing in The World’s End

I have enjoyed my year in movies, that year stayed strong for me with The World’s End. Though I couldn’t say that I could pin each of the characters in this group of guys with specific friends of mine, I … Continue reading

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A straight forward action romp of a book: Hell’s Faire

It has been a while since I read a John Ringo book, and this book is by no means a new release (being almost 10 years old), so I decided recently to finally jump back into the Legacy of the … Continue reading

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