I’ll spend my watching future past today

First off, let me let some of you down. Rogue is in this movie for about oh… 5 seconds and I don’t think she even had a speaking line. Very silly to have her on the head liners.

I’ve been skeptical of the X-Men movie franchise for pretty much the entire time it has been a movie franchise.

One of the things that Days of Future Past did really well was something that Star Trek IV failed at. Going back in time to the 1970’s can allow a path to overusing theme. This movie threw in some old school technology here and there and just a couple of references. It was entertaining and enough to soak you up into the environment, but it didn’t make the movie about the 70’s instead of about the mutants.

I was glad that Bishop makes an appearance, even if I wished he’d been featured more prominently. Quicksilver was very entertaining and perhaps was the MVP mutant of the show. Wolverine being the star is getting a little tired at this point, but he was very different in this one as the voice of reason to the young emo Professor X.

This movie is the movie that makes me excited to see future X-Men films. That’s how good it was.

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