Feast for Crows is a Feast on my imagination, but where’s the epic battle?

And now my goal is complete for the next year.

It has been my loose plan all along to read the Game Of Thrones books coordinated up with the show. So far, I have managed this by finishing each book of the series before the corresponding season of the show has come out.

There is a certain genius about the way the books and the show are being done. Though the events of the books are not being shown from the same perspectives, almost everything that has happened has been the same story. This has made for a real treat, I think, for people that both read the book and watch the show. The show gives POVs that the book never does, so that you get to see characters you are familiar with in the books get more detail.

The book was more entertaining than I had planned for it to be. This is mostly a factor of expectations. I have heard from a number of sources that Feast For Crows was a less than stellar book in the series. I think that the majority of these comments stem from the lack of Tyrion in the book.

I’d also have to state another factor though. Despite the length of the book and all the things that shook the foundations of the characters and the world in Storm of Swords, this book doesn’t have any big events like that. There are no epic battles that change the landscape, and I must say that the George R.R. Martin trademark of killing characters seemed to soften quite a bit.

I still enjoyed the ride, but I wonder what Dance With Dragons will be like. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to finish that book before the next one comes out and be all caught up! Though, don’t hold your breath. There aren’t really any book series where I am caught up. I jump around too much.

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