An ‘A Test Of Will’ Addiction

A Test of Will card from LOTR LCG

So, after finishing my play through of The Hobbit adventures in LOTR LCG with my girlfriend, I have realized I have a serious problem. Both her and I were using decks that had at least a splash of the Spirit Resource and each of us had three copies of A Test of Will.

After forgetting what it was like to have ever anything but a trivial When Revealed effect trigger, her and I built brand new decks to play through the Heirs of Numenor box together. Neither of our decks had any Spirit at all, instead going for a pure Lore deck and a Leadership deck with a splash of Tactics.

We played through the first quest of the box and we’ve replayed it another three times. We actually did best on our first play through and its just gotten worse since.

And what is it that has made our life such a living hell? Well, big surprise, it is the Treacheries. I don’t even think the treacheries in that quest are all that brutal, there is no Sleeping Sentries or anything that causes an instant lose, but we yet still find ourselves overwhelmed with the effects that are in that pesky quest.

The thing is, no other cards have still yet been released that really simulate the same effect as this magical Spirit card that I bank my life and the life of my heroes on. This card, funny enough that it is blue, is just like the ole’ MtG Counterspell of old.

I would love to eventually see some Tactics cards that cancelled When Revealed on Enemies. There are already some things that deal with locations in this regard, but some more options to delay or negate encounter deck card abilities would be a welcome addition to the game.

In the mean time, I am going to start trying to find easy ways to add a splash of Spirit to each and ever deck, because, well, just imagine a 4 player game where each player has 3 copies of A Test of Will. It almost sounds like cheating… but its not.

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