Prepping for GenCon: Star Wars LCG Marathon Play

I recently had a friend over to help me with practice playing Star Wars LCG for the upcoming tournament at GenCon. I don’t have a lot of friends that play this game, and since I feel I am pretty good at it, they all assume that there is no point to helping me practice by playing.

When getting ready for a tournament though, its also good to work on the basic mechanics for a complex game like Star Wars. It is also important to make sure you understand the cards, because sometimes the untrained or less trained eyes can question things that a more veteran player might take as gospel.

The friend that came to play with me is actually fairly good and has a couple of the newer force packs that I don’t have yet. Those are the cards I really wanted to see.

Scum and villainy decks based on the Capture mechanic still suck, but other than that, Scum and Villainy is great!

Watchers in the Wasteland, Objective set 91, is really an amazing set. The best thing about this set, is 3 of the cards are very good for a slow Jedi deck that intends to keep the force to plink enemy objectives throughout the game and also get some extra benefits. The Wolfman coming back into play from the discard pile at the force struggle phase reminds me a lot of old MtG Black decks that play out of the graveyard.

I had a deck that I thought would be getting scrapped that won every game against every one of his dark side decks. This deck is a Jedi deck with 2 of the Millennium Falcon objective set. The Obiwan from Set 91 really became a lynchpin of the deck. I really need to play this deck against some good Scum decks.

I tried out the smuggler deck with objective sets that had powerful named characters. I found the starting hand very unreliable through multiple shuffles.

I’m pretty sure I will be playing the same dark side deck as last year. I found it very reliable and people didn’t know how to counter the cards that I was using.

The light side deck could very well end up being this Jedi deck I thought I’d scrap. I still need to rebuild the speeder deck and see how that goes, though I feel like the Snow Speeder is a pretty weak 2 cost unit.

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