Marks of Hesitation on me thanks to some Nine Inch Nails

Talking about Hesitation Marks has been a long time in coming for me. I actually got to see NIN on this tour long before I gave the whole of the new album a listen to.

I have been a fan of NIN since the days of Pretty Hate Machine, sitting in my friends room in his parents basement, playing the Battletech card game. I also have a very fond memory of playing that album while playing an old video game where you fly a souped up B-52 Bomber that ruled the skies.

I can also not so fondly remember when the NIN cds that I traded a very nice comic book shirt for and then having someone that I thought was my friend, steal those very cds.

So, NIN has a place in my past, it makes NIN nostalgic with every one of their albums after that one.

With all that time I’ve spent with Nine Inch Nails and building this all up, you might think I’m going to communicate that the new album was a big let down. Well…

I actually really enjoyed this album!! Its got the haunting slower melodies that I love from old albums. Memorable dancier songs like Came Back Haunted and Copy of A really make me move, even as I drive to work in my car.

Listening to this album from start to finish is a great, contiguous experience that makes this album one that might be added to the memory train. I think if I listen to the whole thing on its own one more time, I will find it forever associated in my mind with the things that make my life what it is today.

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