Guardians: Protect my Galaxy!

I surprised my girlfriend with a trip to the cinema yesterday and tickets to an IMAX 3D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d love to share with you some of my experiences on the movie. The theater was actually pretty packed for an opening Thursday evening showing.

I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible while still talking about the movie.

The first scene of the movie really sucks you into the movie. The set pieces are grand in scale and then, immediately upon seeing Star Lord, you get the tone of the movie as he dances around with essentially, alien rats. Hilarious.

My favorite scene with the villain of this movie was his introduction. I got the feeling from that scene that he was some sort of spiritual idealist. It looked like he’d be a crazy dude with some level of depth to him. The scene actually reminded me a bit of an Alien or Prometheus setting.

Vin Diesel did a fantastic job with Groot, getting a CG character to emote is hard, but getting that one to emote must have been really hard. I found myself understanding what Groot was trying to say before any of the other characters told me.

Chris Pratt did fabulously and it just seemed that the role was made for him. His outfit just looked like something that brought me back to old school sci-fi stories.

I also enjoy when aliens are portrayed with the various different colored bright skins. It is such an old school call out for sci-fi comics and somewhat to old sci-fi pulp movies too.

I was worried about how the Guardians would defeat the villain, but it ended up being incredibly clever and tied with the tone of the movie. Also, it was interesting that the way he was defeated was foreshadowed earlier in the movie. It almost reminded me of the first Fantastic Four movie, except that they didn’t make it lame, as Dr. Doom was totally lame in that.

I have two criticisms of the movie.

One: I wish they had shown and not told more about the villains back story and motivations. The bad dude mentioned his reasons a couple times, but I really wish the good guys had stumbled on a recording or something to show it. Or perhaps, the bad guy could have gotten a flash back that showed what his deal was.

Two: It would have been nice if the people that the protagonists were trying to save had been humanized more. Instead, it felt like a corporation that arrested any trouble makers and were just whiny bureaucrats. They did humanize them at the end of the movie, but I think a minor character from the people that were the potential victims, well, that would’ve been greatness.

This is: A MUST SEE IN 3D.

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